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According to what many Americans think, Thai brides make perfect obedient, shy, and traditional wives. Well, it depends on you how you view a perfect wife, of course, but that’s mostly true and many Thai brides are really like that. We believe you have to know more about them if you’re searching for a Thai girlfriend — and here, you’ll find all the info you need. Dating tips, facts, myths about Thai women — we’ll tell you everything.

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Why are Thai brides so desirable?

There are at least two reasons why Thai beauties are so popular. The first one is their values — according to some American men, females from Thailand make great wives because of their traditional moral/ethical principles and conservative values. That’s quite a rare thing today, so it’s no surprise that many guys from the US see Thai ladies as perfect wife material.

The second reason for their popularity is their character. We don’t want to say that all of them are caring, supportive, and all that, of course — it would be an extremely huge generalization. But in general, Thai mail order brides are known for being very kind and loving — and that’s another thing American men love them for.

Another cool thing is that most Thai women for marriage do not try to control their partners. It’s not like dating Ukrainian brides or Venezuelan brides who can be too controlling sometimes. Actually, these women are quite the opposite — they were raised in a patriarchal society, so they just don’t think that it’s acceptable for them to control their partners.

Thai wives: dating tips

These tips are very simple, but they’ll be useful for you if you’ve never met any Thai girls!

  • Buy her a gift — flowers or perfume will work perfectly.
  • Ignore bars if you want to find a Thai wife with serious intentions — bar girls have a certain reputation, you know.
  • Adjust to her pace. These women are often reserved and shy, so you’ll need to make your Thai girlfriend feel comfortable around you to break the ice.
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Top facts about marriage with Thai mail order wives

Searching for some useful info on Thai mail order wife? It’s already here.

  1. They are very traditional (it’s not even our assumption, this statement is backed by research). Most Thai girls for marriage accept gender traditionalism and traditional family roles when a man earns and provides for the family while a woman cleans, cooks, raises children, etc.
  2. Women in Thailand get married and give birth earlier than women from Europe, the United States, and even from Eastern Asia (Japan, Korea). The median age at first marriage is only 21 years old for women and the mother’s mean age at first birth is only 23.3 years old. So, if you want to find an Asian girl in her early 20s who will make a perfect wife and mother, Thai women for marriage are for you.
  3. They split up as often as Americans — the divorce rate both in Thailand and in the US is 39%. So, if you’ve heard that divorce was a stigma in Thai society, well, not anymore — now, it’s socially acceptable.

Myths about women from Thailand

First, infidelity. There is a stereotype about unfaithful Thai couples (based on a 2012 Durex survey), but this stereotype is 100% not true. The sources of this survey are not available, the statistics itself conflicts with the previous surveys, the details look questionable, etc. There’s simply no sense in believing this survey — it looks inaccurate and questionable and such an infidelity rate is just not possible in such a religious and traditional country as Thailand.

The second stereotype about these bombshells sounds like this: they are gold-diggers who only need a Green card. Unfortunately, that’s partially true because there are some Thai girls who only need money or a Green card. But it’s not a Thai thing only — the percentage of gold-diggers is about the same in any country in the world be it Thailand, the US, China, Russia, Germany, or Brazil.

How to meet Thai girls for marriage?

We can’t recommend you searching for girls offline in Thailand. The thing is: you’ll probably find lots of females who are looking for casual sex, but the women who have serious intentions? Nope. Here’s how it works: if you are searching for a hookup, you can do it offline. If you’re going to find a Thai wife, do it online — there are lots of Thai brides services with tens of thousands of gorgeous ladies.

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