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When it comes to committed relationships and marriage, you want to be sure that you are with the right person. But pretty often it’s rather hard to find your perfect Japanese match in real life, especially if you are dreaming of somebody as sophisticated as a Japanese bride.

At the same time, being in love with the cliché image of a Japanese female and actually dating one are two completely different things. In fact, modern Japanese mail order brides are anything but those geishas Western people immediately think of when they hear the word “Japanese woman.” So who these girls really are? This is what we’ll try to figure out now.

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Modern Japanese girls’ personality

Good looks are no doubt important for finding a partner, but in a relationship, it’s actually your personality compatibility that matters. Therefore, in order to find out whether a cute Japanese lady is a perfect match for you, let us take a brief look at her personality.

Responsible and punctual

Unlike Italian ladies, Japanese brides are particularly organized, responsible, and punctual. As a matter of fact, if you ask this woman for a favor and she promises to help you out, you can be sure that she’ll keep her word. In addition to that, these girls hate being late for dates and do their best to always come on time.

Reserved and shy

The majority of Japanese mail order brides are pretty shy. They need way more time to open up to a person than, for example, Spanish girls. At the same time, these women’s charming shyness makes them extremely attractive to many men. Apart from that, these ladies are notoriously reserved, so sometimes it’s hard to understand what they actually have on their mind.

Healthy and fit

Okay, this one is a little weird but, according to this source, women’s life expectancy in Japan is 87 years long, which is the longest of any gender anywhere in the world. In addition to that, Japanese women manage to look young and fresh for way longer than other women, which is simply insane. Of course, in order to stay young and healthy, these ladies follow healthy diets and regularly exercise, but we can all see that it definitely pays off.


The majority of people in Japan, including Japanese girls for marriage, are extremely hardworking. They don’t mind working long hours and sacrificing their weekends to finish their work projects. Some people don’t even take days off at all, which is something a Western person will never be able to understand.


We all know that Asian people are extremely smart by nature, so naturally, Japanese brides are pretty intelligent. In addition to that, these women have access to a great education: almost 50% of Japanese girls have secondary education and about 14% of them hold scientific degrees. So if you are looking for a truly intelligent and educated partner, a woman from Japan is going to be perfect for you.

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Who are Japanese brides perfect for?

Of course, no matter how great females from Japan are, they are not perfect for every single man. So who would be perfectly compatible with a Japanese mail order wife? Here are the types of men who are going to be a great match for a Japanese beauty:

  • Intelligent men who need a smart partner for highbrow conversations
  • Gentlemen who are interested in learning more about Japanese culture
  • Manga fans who are dreaming of finding a girlfriend who looks like their favorite Manga character
  • Men who want to find a calm and easy-going partner
  • Gentlemen who appreciate responsibility and punctuality in women above all

Japanese wife’s attitude to marriage and family

Most Japanese bombshells do not hurry to marry, which is why the average age of women who get married for the first time is 29.6 years old. The thing is these girls take marriage seriously and don’t want to end up with the wrong person and eventually divorce.

In other words, these ladies prefer to enjoy their singlehood, find the one, get married, and live happily ever after. In terms of family, most Japanese ladies love children, and they are ready to sacrifice their jobs in order to become good moms. So creating a family with Japanese wife is definitely a good decision.

Final thoughts

Japanese beauties are with no exaggeration, everything a man can possibly dream of. Sweet, intelligent, hardworking, and responsible, they are simply perfect for marriage. Therefore, if a Japanese hottie is the girl of your dreams, do not hesitate, sign up on a dating site, and meet one now.

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