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Russian Mail Order Brides: What’s True And What’s False

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Some people say Russian mail order brides are just great — sexy, loyal, and modern. Some men say they make perfect stay-at-home wives. The others say there are many gold-diggers among them. Here, we’ll tell you what’s true and what’s false in all those stories and stereotypes you’ve probably heard at least once.

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Why are Russian brides so desirable?

At first, it’s their reputation of great wives and mothers that makes them so popular among American men. Yes, they are not as family-oriented anymore as they were a few decades ago, but Russian brides still keep traditional family values and gender roles.

Another reason why thousands of Americans want to date and to marry a Russian mail order wife is the character traits of these women. Of course, not all Russian wives are like this, but most of them are emotional, kind, smart, romantic, and open-minded. This might sound like an impossible combination, but in reality, most of them have all these personality traits. And that’s what we all love about them.

And, yes. Beauty. We didn’t want it to be the Number 1 Argument, but we couldn’t ignore it either. We don’t even talk about their natural beauty — we talk about how they dress, how they carry themselves, how they get your attention, how they use makeup, how they radiate that sexual energy… It’s impossible to describe it, but it’s something you will never miss. By the way, they are very similar to Ukrainian brides in this regard.

Russian wives: dating tips

Of course, they all are unique, but there are some dating tips that work with most of them. Here they are.

  1. Manners and etiquette are very important here. Russian women for marriage think that a man must be courteous — even if it’s a super casual coffee date at Starbucks.
  2. It’s always you who pays for dinner. Just forget about splitting the bill if you are going to date your potential Russian wife.
  3. Learning some Russian will most likely help. Ok, it’s not the easiest language to learn, but the result is (almost) always worth the effort — it will work as an icebreaker, and it’ll show a Russian bombshell that you are interested in her.
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Top facts about marriage with Russian mail order wives

Are they really perfect Stepford wives? Do they get married early? And what do they think of the age gap? The answers are here!

  • They tend to marry older Americans. The average predicted spousal age gap between a Russian woman and an American man is about 6-9 years. So, do you want to marry a younger Russian mail order bride? That’s totally ok!
  • They do not think that housekeeping duties are the wife’s responsibility (the housekeeping duties is the woman’s thing only in 33% of Russian families).
  • They don’t tend to marry too early. Most Russian women get married between 25 and 34 years old, and the median age at first marriage has increased drastically since 2000.

Myths about Russian ladies

Have you heard that Russian wives are shy and obedient and that they all would choose children over career? The truth is: most of them are not stay-at-home wives. According to the polls, the percentage of women who prefer staying at home in Russia is very close to the percentage of American women who prefer staying at home (about 24-25%).

Maybe, you’ve also heard that all Russian brides want your money, not your love. There is no statistics on this issue, but here’s what we can tell you: there ARE Russian gold-diggers, but there are also American, European, Asian, and African gold-diggers. It’s not that Russia has more scammers — and if you don’t send them money, you won’t have any problems with them.

The last myth about them is that there are hundreds of thousands of Russian girls for marriage and that dozens of thousands of them marry Americans every year.

That’s not true — only 815 Russians entered the US on a K-1 visa in 2019, and only about 80% of them were female. In this sense, they are far behind the girls from other countries (for example, 7,000 Philippines brides married Americans in 2019).

How to meet Russian girls for marriage?

You can do it offline, but it’s very expensive and very time-consuming. If you want to find a Russian wife for marriage, Russian mail order brides websites are what you need — most of them have tens of thousands of members, lots of messaging tools, and very affordable prices.

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