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Top Facts About Spanish Mail Order Brides & Girls For Love Online

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A short disclaimer: we’ll talk about Spanish mail order brides, not about Latina girls. If you want to know more about Latinas, we have some great guides on Brazilian brides and Venezuelan brides, too. But here is only the info about Spanish girls for marriage.

And they are just amazing. Spain may not be the most popular mail bride nation, but it doesn’t mean something is wrong with the girls from this country. They are extremely beautiful, passionate, and for some, they make perfect wives. Obviously, Spanish brides are much deeper than just being beautiful; obviously, there are lots of facts that can help you understand them better — and here, we’ll talk about facts.

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Why are Spanish brides so desirable?

The first factor is their beauty, but it’s not only about it. We’re also talking about the passion, their flourishing sexual and feminine energy, the way they move, the clothes they wear… All these factors combined make Spanish ladies very beautiful, more like “wow-level” beautiful. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, don’t worry — visit any mail bride website, choose any Spanish girl for marriage, and you’ll get it.

The second reason is everything else about them. Just don’t get us wrong, it’s definitely not like we couldn’t make up a list — there is just no sense in describing all those character traits and cultural features that attract American men as much as the stunning beauty of Spanish beauties. They are feminine and emotional; they put family first, and they make great stay-at-home wives; they are friendly and open-minded, etc. These females are unique, but almost all of them have at least some of these characteristics. And this, along with their physical appearance, is another reason why they are so extremely desirable.

Spanish wives: dating tips

If it’s your first date with Spanish mail order wife, don’t worry — if you look clean, smell great, and feel relaxed, your chances are just great. If it’s not the first date, some new rules are coming into place — like, you’ll probably have to meet her parents quite soon and you should really do your best to impress them. First, pick her up, pay for the date, be a gentleman, and don’t talk about your ex (pretty obvious, huh?). Then, don’t criticize her parents or her lovely abuelita and try to impress her family. Sounds quite simple, doesn’t it?

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Top facts about marriage with Spanish mail order wives

You were promised facts. Here they are!

  • When Spanish women for marriage come to the US, they typically marry men older than they are. The predicted age gap between an American husband and a Spanish wife is about 4-5 years. Not too large age gap to say that they “trade youth for American passport” but large enough to make you care a bit less about the socially acceptable age difference, right?
  • They are not happy with the idea of getting married in their 20s. This country has a very high average age at first marriage — in 2013, it was 33.2 years old, and it’s one of the highest results in the European Union.
  • They think divorce is totally normal. Spain, along with Portugal and Belgium, has one of the highest divorce rates in the world — it remains at OVER 65% which means 65 of 100 marriages will eventually end in divorce!

Myths about Spanish ladies

You’ve probably heard that Spanish women are like this, like that, or like so. Let’s talk about stereotypes.

  1. Myth #1: Spanish brides are jealous. This is true — it’s a part of their culture. Well, in a country where men often cheat on their partners, it’s just impossible for women to not become jealous.
  2. Myth #2: Spanish bombshells are easy. This is NOT true — they are hot, sexy, and all that, but this is not a synonym for being “easy”.
  3. Myth #3: They are always late. This is true — Spanish females, just as Latinas and Mexicans, are known for their lack of punctuality.

How to meet Spanish girls for marriage?

On Spanish mail order brides websites, of course. The best of these platforms have thousands or even tens of thousands of real Spanish women for marriage. Of course, such sites are usually not free, but this is what we call “worth the money” — if you want to find a Spanish lady for marriage, there is no better place than mail bride platforms.

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