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Romanian Mail Order Brides & Online Dates: Useful Tips And Interesting Facts

What Are The Best Sites To Mail Order Romanian Brides & To Date Online In 2022?

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Romanian mail order brides are not popular as Ukrainian brides or women from Russia — only 158 K-1 visas were issued to Romanian fiancées last year. Just for comparison’s sake, neighboring Ukraine exports more than 5 (FIVE) times more girls for marriage to the United States! But as we all know, just because something isn’t popular doesn’t mean it isn’t good — and Romanian ladies illustrate this statement perfectly. They are just as great as the ladies from the “mail bride” countries — the only difference is that they are simply not as popular among American men.

Due to them being not popular among Westerners, Romanian brides can be called the hidden gem of Europe — and here, we’ll tell you all you need to know about them.

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Why are Romanian mail order wives so desirable?

First, because of traditional values and because they make very good wives. We won’t talk about the pros and cons of traditional society here. All you need to know about it in this regard is that the women in this country tend to view gender roles traditionally when the man is the breadwinner and the woman is expected to be the caretaker of the home and family.

The second reason is very obvious — it’s their beauty (Romanian brides look very similar to Italian brides). We could say that it’s about genetics, history, culture, and lots of other reasons, but who cares about the reasons if these girls are that attractive?

The last reason why Americans like Romanian women is their personality traits. Girls from Romania are open-minded, talkative, generous, and kind — that’s not all, of course, but this combination of the traits often impresses foreigners.

Romanian beauties: dating tips

Want to know how to date Romanian mail order wife? The most useful tips are as follows!

  1. Do not try to buy them. In some countries, you can impress a girl by showing her your house, car, or a bunch of cash in your pocket. In Romania, such actions will have the opposite effect.
  2. Always try to look as good as possible. You know, we’ve already told you about their beauty and sense of style and all that, so… Surely you don’t think these women will tolerate a messy partner who doesn’t care about his looks.
  3. Always be polite and respectful. Should we really elaborate on it? Romanian girls are a bit old-fashioned, and they love it when a man shows some respect. Well, just like all the other Eastern/Southeastern European women.
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Top facts about marriage with Romanian brides

We don’t want to say that these women are like this or like that without a factual basis. So, meet the true facts!

  • They tend to marry and to have children quite early. However, there is an interesting fact here — women who live in Romania have an average of 1 child, while those who migrated to the United Kingdom have an average of 2 children!
  • They have a very low divorce rate (one of the lowest in the EU). It’s all about their traditions — in this country, they still view marriage as a sacred institution.
  • When they get married to Americans, they are usually much younger than their husbands. Thus, the expected age gap between a Romanian wife and an American husband who get married upon her arrival in the US is 7.9 years!

Myths about Romanian ladies

First, it’s gold-digging. Some Americans are sure that all Eastern/Southern European girls only want their money. The truth is: these women love it when men support them and buy them presents, but it’s not like they only need money and gifts. They are searching for love, not for a Green card or for your cash.

Another stereotype sounds like this: it’s dangerous to visit Romanian girls for marriage in their home country. That’s just not true — the crime rate is lower than in other Eastern European countries and the number of crimes here is lower than, say, in Japan.

How to meet Romanian women for marriage?

You can go offline if you want — that’s how it has always been done, so why not? However, we recommend doing it online — it’s faster and much cheaper. We’re talking about the Romanian mail order brides websites here. There are dozens of such platforms — they are usually not free to use (although the price is usually affordable), they offer lots of messaging tools, and they have thousands of gorgeous Romanian women for marriage who are searching for a Western man!

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